COVID-19 roadmap to the new normal

COVID-19 roadmap to the new normal

All Q-Park car parks in Belgium are open

All Q-Park car parks are open. We have kept our parking facilities open throughout the lockdown period. For those who need to park their car for work, for people with essential professions as well as for residents.

As Belgium eases back to life, we will continue to provide the quality motorists expect from Q-Park: clean, safe and secure parking facilities. 

Enhanced cleaning protocol

We have introduced a new cleaning schedule in all our car parks. In accordance with our specific Covid-19 guidelines, we are cleaning more frequently and we’re cleaning all touch points several times a day, including door handles, key pads and lift buttons. Furthermore, we have placed hand sanitiser dispensers near the payment machines. This enables our customers to cleanse their hands before and after using the payment machine. 

We keep our distance. We have placed stickers and posters to remind everyone in the car park to keep their distance. Our Parking Hosts are available to help when needed and they too will remain at the appropriate distance while providing any assistance required. 

Fully contactless parking

Contactless parking is a feature of all Q-Park car parks. Customers simply present their bank card at the access and exit barriers or use the Q-Park Mobile-app to park and pay with their number plate. Motorists register their number plate and a payment card in the app and can access and exit all of our car parks in Belgium without even having to wind down their window. Q-Park Mobile app can be downloaded from the following stores:



Of course, customers can still take a ticket, however some car parks have become fully cashless (card or app parking only). This is safer for our customers as they don’t have to handle cash and don’t have to use the payment machine. It is safer for our Parking Hosts too.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the measures we’re taking to make parking safer during the COVID-19 transition to the new normal, or if you have a question about your season ticket, please contact us via:



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