Parking for major sporting events this summer

Have tickets for sports events in Paris this summer? You’ve planned your trip, but have you thought about where to park?

Pre-book a parking space with Q-Park this summer

This summer, Paris is expecting millions of sports fans from around the world. As host city, the French capital is preparing to welcome a massive influx of visitors. This will present a significant logistical challenge: parking. The city, already known for its crowded streets and limited parking spaces, will be even more strained during this period. Q-Park offers practical and efficient parking solutions for all visitors coming by car.

The challenge of parking in Paris

Paris is a dynamic and vibrant city, but its parking infrastructure is often put to the test. During this summer’s sporting events, the situation is likely to become even more complicated. Areas around the competition venues and celebration sites will be particularly congested, making parking practically impossible without prior planning.

Q-Park’s solution

Q-Park, one of Europe’s leading parking operators, recommends that visitors park away from the city centre and use public transport to reach the event venues and sites. This strategy offers several advantages:

  • Avoids traffic jams: By choosing to park in Q-Park facilities located on the outskirts of the city, visitors can avoid the typical traffic jams of central Paris. Travel to and from these outlying parking facilities is often smoother and faster.

  • Reduces stress: Finding a parking space in central Paris can be very stressful, especially during extremely popular events. Booking a parking space in advance with Q-Park means a worry-free journey, knowing there’s a secure parking space available for your car when you arrive.

  • Provides easy access to public transport: Q-Park car parks are often located near major public transport lines. This makes accessing the competition venues via metro, RER, or bus, which will have increased services for the event, easy and convenient. Public transport also offers flexibility and speed, bypassing the restricted traffic zones.

Planning ahead

To fully enjoy these benefits, it’s essential to plan in advance. Q-Park offers an online reservation system that allows visitors to reserve a parking space. You can pre-book your parking space several weeks or even months in advance, depending on availability. Additionally, early booking often comes with advantageous preferential rates.

Discover our recommendations and great deals for enjoying the event without worrying about your car.

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