Convenient Facilities

Convenient Facilities

To make parking simpler and more convenient, Q-Park offers additional services, depending on the parking facility. You can recognise whether these additional services are provided by the logos below displayed on the web page of the car park of your choice*.


It suddenly starts to rain and your don't have an umbrella? At Q-Park you can borrow an umbrella for the duration of your visit, for free. Just return it when you leave.

Forgotten your buggy or no room in your car? No problem, at Q-Park you can borrow a comfortable buggy while you are parked in the car park. Just return it when you leave without any additional charge.


Shoe cleaner
Clothes make the man/woman! Did you forget to clean your shoes before you left home? Q-Park provides handy shoe-cleaning machines. So you can always be smart for your meeting!


Battery recharger
An dead battery - it can happen to anyone. Our parking host will be happy to recharge it for you to help you on your way.



Imagine that someone becomes unwell in the car park. Most Q-Park parking facilities have a heart defibrillator. Our Q-Park staff are also trained to give crucial first aid assistance while waiting for a doctor or ambulance.



Alcohol tester
Cheers, you can drive! Use the alcohol tester to set your mind at rest or to persuade yourself to take a taxi and leave your car safely behind in the car park. Road safety is a priority for Q-Park! For you too?


 * subject to availability