Hospitals and medical centres

Hospitals and medical centres

Q-Park endeavours to create tailored parking solutions for hospitals and medical centres. Wherever possible, we take the diverse needs of the various groups, patients, personnel and visitors, who use the car park in to account. Our policy concentrates on innovative and flexible thinking, a sharp focus, financial investment and convenience for people with special needs - from structural modifications to consistent sustainable operation.


Q-Park's focus on quality is evident in:

  • Parking facilities that are popular among motorists because they are clean, well-lit and conveniently organised.
  • Experience regarding economic efficiency, customer-friendly parking facilities and international expertise in the management of special projects; hospitals and medical centres demand attention to all man ner of details as well as requiring respectful collaboration with the parties involved. Our traffic, construction and management experts regularly conduct research into traffic, parking and sustainability in order to provide our strategic partners with customised parking solutions. This results in improved provision of services, deliverables and operational processes from payment methods to parking assistance and from parking access equipment to marketing opportunities.





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