Your parking project with Q-Park


Providing somewhere to park is a topic that is increasingly ‘taking up space’ - both literally and figuratively, and due to the fact that the parties involved often differ from project to project. Since our establishment in 1998, Q-Park has built up in-depth expertise to answer every party's specific needs. Our solutions have one thing in common: they always come from close collaboration, for the best possible result.

Research and development

Q-Park has its own business intelligence group. This is a knowledge centre where traffic and business experts work together in project teams to provide customised parking advice. They offer the following products:


  • Traffic and parking research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data warehouse analysis
  • Pricing research and costing &advice
  • Customer satisfaction surveys



Where mobility and infrastructure are concerned, a number of trends are evident at national, regional and local level. These trends are the result of a shift in the relationship between market and government, the continuing decentralisation of public administrative authority, and the EU regulation of market forces.

Operational management

Q-Park offers a wide range of services necessary for operating and managing a parking facility.


  • Technical management
  • Commercial management
  • Administration and season ticket management
  • Q-Park Customer Desk





Drawing and building

The architecture of the surroundings is always a guiding principle in the design, construction and renovation.
Q-Park stands for quality parking, which means:


  • Quality
  • Security
  • Speed and accessibility
  • Hospitality


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