[NEW] Q-Park to operate 2000 underground car parks on Antwerp’s South Docks
dinsdag, 13 december 2016

From 2019, the Gedempte Zuiderdokken port area will be providing space for 2000 underground cars and 3000 bicycles, spread over two car parks. Q-Park came up with the best plan due to the respect for the historic nature of the docks, the integration with the above-ground purpose, and their strong reputation as a parking company. Work is to commence in September 2017.

The reconstruction of the Degempte Zuiderdokken is becoming tangible. In the northern and southern area between the Walloon and Flemish quay, also known as the “Stone Dock” and “Coal Dock”, from 2019 Q-Park is to make more than 2000 underground parking spaces available for cars and 300 spaces for bicycles.


 - Koen Kennis (N-VA), Antwerp mobility ships, emphasises the importance of the bicycle parking facility being provided for both residents and those visitors Antwerp alike. -


The two car parks are part of the eleven Park + Walks the City of Antwerp provides on the loop formed by the quays and the slates. This gives residents, commuters or others visiting the City of Antwerp the opportunity to park right on the edge of the city centre, who are this way are encouraged to visit the pedestrian-friendly centre from there.

        Loop Quays and slates with 11 P+W

It is significant the car parks are constructed almost entirely underground, meaning a huge, predominantly green space is formed on the surface since the design team is providing a garden, lawn and recreation area. Opting for this total concept accentuates the city council’s aim to reactivate this area, and thus once again enter into intense interaction with each other and the environment.

        Current situation in Zuiderdokken, with above-ground parking

        Greening of  Zuiderdokken (2022), including underground parking

The choice for Q-Park as a private parking partner is possibly down to their design that integrates perfectly with both the historic nature of this location and with the future, above-ground, purpose. The old quay walls will thus be exposed once again at various locations in the underground car park. Besides the design’s convincing arguments, Q-Park also leads the way as a parking company, and enjoys a strong reputation in the field of quality and maintenance.  After all, both nationality and internationally they operate in a large number of high-quality parking facilities at strategic locations: city centres, shopping centres, hospitals, train stations, airports and universities.

        Q-Park design with exposed quay walls on -1

The re-purposing of the Zuiderdokken is one of the most significant metamorphoses Antwerp's southern city centre is to undergo in the next few years. Construction is progressing in two phases, and and will be fully finished in 2019.

  • Works commence in September 2017 with ‘Parking Steendok’, the most southerly park, offering space for around 900 cars. The opening is planned in the autumn of 2018.

  • Following this is the construction of the ‘Parking Kooldok’ in the north, with 1100 parking spaces. There is still space for roughly 120 car parks above ground. The opening is planned in the autumn of 2019.


- Koen Kennis (N-VA), Antwerp mobility ships, emphasises that thanks to this phasing in the construction, an almost constant supply of parking is guaranteed during the works. –

 Steendok entry


    Kooldok entry



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