Charging an electric vehicle

Would you like to charge your electric car at Q-Park? That’s possible!

Would you like to charge your electric car at Q-Park? That’s possible! Many of our car parks offer one or more charging stations. This means you can be on your way after parking with a fully charged battery.

Advantages of electric charging at Q-Park:

  • Low rates guaranteed
    Q-Park applies the same rates for charging your electric vehicle as your provider. Charging your car here won’t cost you a cent more!
  • No extra charge card needed
    You can charge your electric vehicle at Q-Park with New Corner and Blue Motion charge cards.
  • More and more charging stations
    An increasing number of Q-Park car parks will be equipped with charging stations for electric cars in the near future. Two car parks currently offer electric charging stations: Parking Astridplein in Antwerp and Parking Zuidstation in Brussels.

How does it work?

First, find out if there are any charging stations for your EV in the Q-Park garage where you wish to park. Start and end your charge session by swiping your charge card or mobile phone with your supplier’s app across the reader in the charge station. Payment will be made through your supplier; Q-Park will not charge you any extra costs. This way you can charge your car economically and continue on your way – with a fully charged battery!

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