Stadsfeestzaal Shopping
Meir 31 2000 Antwerpen


If you’re shopping in Antwerp, be sure to visit the Stadsfeestzaal, which you’ll find in the middle of the Meir, the main shopping street. The Stadsfeestzaal has been transformed into an all-in-one covered shopping centre that attracts millions of visitors each year, all looking for a unique shopping experience. 


Of course, the shops here are well worth visiting, and even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll surely take images of the magnificent interior with you when you leave. As its name suggests, the Stadsfeestzaal – literally, City Festival Hall – was built for a completely different purpose, namely for celebrations and exhibitions. It was the central place in Antwerp for exhibitions, fairs and galas. In 2007, the hall was renovated and transformed into the shopping centre we know today.

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