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FOMU's image collection now consists of more than 900,000 images that illustrate the development of international photography and Belgian photography, in particular. The FOMU collects both historical and contemporary photography, art and documentary photography, as well as free and applied photography. The collection started with the Association Belge de Photographie archives and those of the publication department of the company Gevaert. Over the years, the collection has made valuable acquisitions, such as part of Fritz L. Grüber's private collection, the Agfa-Gevaert Historical Archives and archives of Belgian photographers. The collection is still growing as the FOMU consistently purchases work by young Belgian talent and acquires images that tell the story of (Belgian) photography.

The FOMU's collection of photographic equipment shows the development of photographic technology from camera obscura to the digital camera. Our versatile collection features almost all camera types and technical innovations. It includes cameras from European, American, Russian and Japanese manufacturers, as well as light meters, projectors and lab equipment. The collection also boasts pieces that appeal to the imagination, such as a camera that is over 4 metres long, spy cameras, magic lanterns, and even a carrier pigeon camera.

The FOMU library collection comprises more than 30,000 titles and contains relevant publications from the very beginning of photography to the most recent trends and developments. It contains books, magazines, brand and photographic documentation, auction catalogues and archives. The collection is divided into a study collection, a museum collection and a collection of precious works, and is used intensively by researchers from various disciplines.

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