Q-Park App

Q-Park App

Q-Park is continuously innovating to make parking simpler. Not only on the way to and at the car park, but the Q-Park App can help before you even get in your car.


With the free Q-Park App, you can quickly and easily find a Q-Park car park in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The app uses GPS to determine where you are and then it shows you the route to the nearest Q-Park car park. You can also search on town or postcode.
What's more, you can see how many parking spaces are currently available. This is updated in real time, so when you choose a car park, you can take the number of vacant spaces into account.

But that is not all the app can do. You can also use the app to save the location of your car as well as nearby locations you want to visit, including the pedestrian route – you never have to get lost i n a strange town again! So you see, the Q-Park App not only navigates you to a parking space, it also helps you get from the car park to your ultimate destination.

All the features of the Q-Park App:

  • Finds a parking space in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
  • Shows the number of parking spaces available per car park in real time (the Netherlands and Belgium)
  • Helps you navigate to the car park using GPS
  • Saves your location to help you find your way back to your car later
  • Search and navigate (pedestrian route) to your ultimate destination from the car park
  • Share your location from the app on Facebook and Twitter
  • Send your question or comment to Q-Park (including photo) immediately


The Q-Park App can be downloaded straight to your smartphone from the following app stores: