Q-Park App

Q-Park focuses on ongoing innovation to make parking even easier. Not only on the way to and inside the car park, but outside it as well.

You can now use the free Q-Park App to quickly and conveniently find a Q-Park car park in Belgium. The app uses GPS to determine your location and will show you the route to the nearest parking facility. You can also search by postcode or city/town.

Additionally, you will be able to see in real time how many parking spaces are still available at each parking facility. So you will be able to decide where to park depending on the number of available spaces.

And that’s not all! You can also save the location of your car and easily find the destination of your visit, including the pedestrian routes to and from the parking facility. The Q-Park App therefore not only navigates you to the car park, but also guides you to your destination.

All the features of the Q-Park App:

  • How to search for a parking space in Belgium
  • See the number of available parking spaces per parking facility in realtime
  • Navigate to a parking space using GPS
  • Save the location of your car to conveniently find it again
  • Find and be guided (on foot) to your destination from the car park
  • Share your location on Facebook and Twitter via the app

You can download the Q-Park application directly to your smartphone via the following app stores:

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