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  • Yes, if you pre-book online you can be certain that a parking space will be available for you when you arrive.

  • We do not allocate numbered spaces. You can park in any space you want in the car park.

  • Yes, you can pre-book your parking space up to 365 days before the date of your arrival. 

  • Yes, there is a link at the bottom of your pre-booking confirmation e-mail to use if you need to cancel your booking. You can cancel your pre-booking up to 24 hours before the start time of your pre-booking. If you selected cancellation insurance when you pre-booked, you can cancel up to one hour before the start time of your pre-booking.

  • You cannot amend a pre-booking, but you can cancel it by clicking on the cancellation link in the confirmation e-mail. You can then make a new pre-booking with the new details.

  • No. Pre-booking is only available for light vehicles.

  • No, unfortunately, you cannot enter the car park earlier.

  • Yes, you can leave the car park up to 15 minutes after the expected end time of your booking. In that case, there will be no extra charge due. However, if you leave after the 15-minute grace period, the extra parking time will be charged at the payment machine or at the exit barrier.

  • Yes, if you have pre-booked your parking space, you can drive in and out of the car park as often as you wish until the end of your time slot.

  • Yes, however, there is no refund available for the unused parking time
  • If you have a problem at the car park, you can contact a parking host at any time using the call buttons (intercom) located on the entry and exit barriers and on the payment machines.

  • No. You access the car park in the same way as other customers, but because you have pre-booked, even if the sign indicates the car park is full, your parking space is guaranteed. At certain times, large numbers of visitors arrive at a car park at more or less the same time, so please allow enough time to actually reach the entrance barrier. Q-Park cannot be held responsible for any time you spend waiting to reach the entrance barrier.

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